OmniTech Calculator Project - Project Blue Lobster

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What is this project?

This project aims to create 2 custom calculators: one that will compete against the TI-8x series, and another that will compete against the TI Nspire series. They are powered by a Z80 and an ARM chip, respectively.

This is the wiki devoted to keeping the progress development of the calcs. The forums can be accessed by hovering over "users" above, and clicking omnimaga forum. Recent posts are for the suggestions/drafts on this site.

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When contributing, please follow the editing guidelines. :)

Who's in it?

The community, of course! To be more precise, Omnimaga and Cemetech are joining forces to create 2 awesome calcs that rival those of TI's. ;)

How can I help?

Anybody can join in!

We're definitely looking for hardware gurus and people good with Z80 assembly!
(If you're not one of those, join anyway!)

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